Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 358

I wish to be at home in the world.

YOU WISH TO BE AT HOME IN THE WORLD. You have not come here to escape the world. You have come here to be at home in the world. Understanding this will enable you to value your contribution and engage yourself completely in its expression. To escape the world without contributing to the world will only compound your dilemma, and you will return to your Spiritual Family with your gifts unopened and undelivered. You will then realize that you must return because the work that you set out to accomplish in the world was not accomplished.

BE GLAD, THEN, THAT YOU ARE IN THE WORLD NOW and that you need not wait to re-enter. You are here already. You have progressed this far. You are in the perfect position to fulfill your destiny here. You have brought your Ancient Home with you—within the seed and within the light of your Knowledge, which is now growing, emerging and sprouting forth.

THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR HOME, but you are meant to be at home in the world. Upon the hour think of this and realize how much you want to be at home in the world. Realize how much you do not want to condemn the world or simply escape from the world. When you are at home in the world, you will be able to move beyond the world to serve in a greater way and to experience a greater reality than the world can present to you. But you will not leave with regret, with anger or with disappointment. You will leave with happiness and satisfaction. This will complete your experience here. This will bless the world and will bless you who have blessed yourself and the world while you were in the world.

IN YOUR DEEPER MEDITATION PRACTICES, allow yourself to seriously consider what home means to you. Again, this is a practice of active mental engagement. Utilize your mind to consider the important things that are being given to you now. You will need to examine all the thoughts you have in relation to today’s idea in order to understand how you are approaching today’s idea and how you will respond to it. The power of decision is yours, but you must understand the current content of your mind. With this, you will be able to make an appropriate and wise decision on your own behalf, within your range of responsibility. You are meant to be at home in the world. Bring home with you so that others may feel at home in the world. In this way, the world becomes blessed because it is not a place apart any longer. Do not escape the world today, but be present to serve the world.

Practice 358: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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