Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 359

I am present to serve the world.

BE PRESENT TO SERVE THE WORLD, and the presence that serves the world will speak through you. Be present to serve the world, and you will be present to that presence. You will be engaged in every activity, and every activity will be important and meaningful. Then, you will not seek escape from your experience, you will not seek escape from the world and you will not seek to find a dark place in which to hide, for you will realize the light of Knowledge is totally beneficent. You will wish to bathe in it more and more and express it more and more within the world. This is your duty here and your great love.

UPON THE HOUR REMIND YOURSELF that you wish to be present to serve the world. Remind yourself as well that you wish to be present to have the world serve you. Remind yourself that you must learn how to receive and how to give, and that is why you are a beginning student of Knowledge. Do not burden yourself with expectations of yourself beyond what is being indicated in your program of preparation. Your Teachers recognize your current stage and they recognize your current step. They do not underestimate your power, but they do not overestimate your current capabilities, either. That is why you will need them to proceed with certainty, honesty and reliability.

IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICES, be present to give yourself to your practice in stillness. Remember again that all practice is giving. You are giving yourself so that your True Self may be given to you. Here you bring what is small to what is great and what is great brings itself to what is small. Here you realize that you too are great and that the small is meant to express the greatness of which you are a part. The world calls desperately for this greatness to be revealed, yet you must learn how to reveal greatness in the world.

Practice 359: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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