Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 357

I am in the world to express my Self.

EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER SAID and everything you have ever done has been an attempt to express your Self. Your dilemma in the past is that you have attempted to express a self that is not your Self. This temporary self, this personal self, has been used as a substitute for your True Self, though it is only meant to be an intermediary between your True Self and the world. Because it has been used as a substitute, its own inherent confusion and lack of foundation have disabled your communication and expression. Therefore, you have not found the source of your expression or the best vehicle for your expression.

THAT YOUR TRUE SELF WISHES TO EXPRESS ITSELF is evident in all of your past activities if you will understand them objectively. Everything you have ever said to anyone contains a seed of true expression. Everything you have ever done or attempted to demonstrate contains the seed of true demonstration and expression. You need only purify your expression to have it be complete and truly representative of your nature and, therefore, truly satisfying to you.

BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE TO EXPRESS YOUR SELF, you must also learn how to express your Self, how your true expressions will affect others and how this effect can be utilized appropriately, for your wellbeing and their well-being as well. Here you learn what you wish to express and how to express it. And you also learn to realize its impact upon the world. This requires the cultivation of Knowledge within you, the cultivation of your personal abilities and the transformation of your personal self from being a substitute for Knowledge to being an intermediary for Knowledge. As an intermediary, your personal self must be developed and activated properly. Here it serves a Greater Self within you, as your Greater Self serves the Great Self of the Universe. Here everything finds its rightful place and its uniform expression.

REMIND YOURSELF UPON THE HOUR that you wish to express your Self and in your deeper meditation experiences, where you come in stillness and devotion, allow your True Self to express itself to you. Beyond words and beyond actions, your True Self will express itself and you will know its expression. You will know that you wish to receive its expression and to extend its expression into the world. The world is the place where you have come to express your Self because the world is the place where you wish to be at home.

Practice 357: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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