Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 305

I feel the power of love today.

IF YOU ARE NOT CAUGHT IN THE WORLD’S PERSUASIONS, you will feel the power of love. If you are not seduced into the world’s ambivalence, you will feel the power of love. If you are with Knowledge, you will feel the power of love. This is natural to you, to your being, to your nature and to the nature of all who reside here with you. Therefore, as your student hood in Knowledge deepens, your experience of love will deepen.

ALLOW LOVE TO BE IN YOUR LIFE TODAY, for Knowledge and love are one. Allow yourself to be a recipient of this today, for in this you are honored and your sense of unworthiness is dispelled. Receive the power of love upon the hour and receive it in your deeper meditation practices, where you practice true receptivity.

ALLOW KNOWLEDGE TO REVEAL THE NATURE OF LOVE TO YOU. Allow your love for Knowledge to generate Knowledge for you, for Knowledge loves you as its own, and as you learn to love Knowledge as your own, your sense of separation from life will disappear. Then, you will be prepared as a contributor in the world, for then you will only wish to contribute that which you have received. You will then realize that there is no other gift that can in any way compare to the gift of Knowledge, which is the gift of love. This you will wish to bestow upon the world with all your heart. Here your Teachers will become more active for you, for they will prepare you to contribute this effectively so that you may fulfill your destiny in the world.

Practice 305: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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