Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 304

I will not be a student of fear today.

REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS A STUDENT—every day, every hour and every moment. Therefore, as you become more conscientious, you must select what you will learn. Here you are given a real choice, for you are either a student of Knowledge or you are a student of confusion. Do not be a student of confusion today. Do not be a student of fear today, for without Knowledge there is uncertainty and there is fear. Without Knowledge there are fearful pursuits which perpetrate greater fear and a greater sense of loss.

REALIZE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A STUDENT. Realize this and accept this with relief, for you have a meaningful choice here—to be a student of Knowledge or a student of confusion. Knowledge will cast its influence upon you to enable you to make the right choice, to choose that which renders you certainty, purpose, meaning and value in the world. Then, you may become a force for Knowledge in the world to dispel confusion, darkness and fear from all minds that labor under their oppressive weight.

DO NOT BE A STUDENT OF FEAR. Make this resolution within yourself upon the hour as you recognize the fearful persuasions of the world, the confusion of the world and its dark influence upon all who feel its oppression. Allow yourself to be a liberated soul within the world. Hold the jewel of love within your heart. Hold the light of Knowledge within your heart. When you return to your two deeper meditation practices today, repeat the idea for today so that you may enter into stillness and silence within your sanctuary. Rejuvenate yourself in Knowledge and refresh yourself, for Knowledge is the great light that you carry. The more that you come within its presence, the more it will radiate itself upon you and the more it will shine upon you and, through you, upon the world.

Practice 304: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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