Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 306

I will rest in Knowledge today.

IN KNOWLEDGE YOU WILL FIND REST AND REPRIEVE from the world. In Knowledge you will find comfort and assurance. In Knowledge all that is truest in life will abide with you, for in Knowledge the Christ and the Buddha are one. In Knowledge all the great achievements of the great Spiritual Emissaries unite and become revealed to you. In this, their promise is fulfilled, for they have given themselves for this purpose. Thus, the Knowledge that you receive today is the fruit of their giving, for Knowledge has been kept alive in the world for you. It has been kept alive by those who have received and contributed it. Thus, their lives provide the foundation for yours. Their giving provides the foundation for your giving. Their acceptance of Knowledge strengthens your acceptance of Knowledge.

THE PURPOSE OF ALL TRUE SPIRITUAL TEACHING is the experience and the manifestation of Knowledge. This can imbue the simplest gift and the greatest gift, the most mundane action and the most extraordinary action. You are in great company, you who practice Knowledge. You receive the gift of the Christ and the Buddha. You receive the gift of all true Spiritual Emissaries who realized their Knowledge. Thus it is that your participation today is given strength and foundation as you carry on the great purpose of keeping Knowledge alive in the world.

TODAY UPON THE HOUR and in your two deep meditation practices, rest in Knowledge, which is living within you now.

Practice 306: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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