Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 294


BEGIN THIS TWO-WEEK REVIEW WITH THIS INVOCATION: “I AM NOW A STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE. I will learn of the meaning and the purpose of Knowledge through my participation. I will follow my participation without attempting to alter its methods or its lessons in any way because I wish to learn. I am a student of Knowledge in a world where Knowledge seems to be absent. For this reason I have been sent here to prepare to give that which Knowledge will wish to give to the world. I am a student of Knowledge. I am secure in my responsibility. In this, I will receive all that I truly desire, for I truly desire to love the world. ”

FOLLOWING THIS INVOCATION begin your two-week Review. Beginning with the first day in this two-week period, read the lesson for that day and remember your practice. Continue on in this way to cover all the days in this two-week period, and then attempt to have an overview of your life during this practice time. Begin to see what has occurred in your life in this two-week period.

AS YOU GAIN AN OVERVIEW, you will begin to see the movement of your life. Perhaps this will be subtle at first, but you will soon begin to realize that your life is progressing rapidly and that your values and your experience of yourself are changing. You are changing fundamentally. You are finally becoming yourself. You will realize that war, which still rages in you from time to time, will diminish and become less frequent. Only with a conscious and objective overview can this be recognized, and as it is recognized, it will give you the confidence and the conviction to proceed on, for you will know that you are following your true course and your true destiny. You will know that you are a true student of Knowledge and that you have made the right decision concerning your studenthood.

Practice 294: One long practice period.

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