Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 293

I do not wish to suffer today.

STRENGTHEN YOUR RESOLVE NOT TO SUFFER today by being a student of Knowledge, by adhering to Knowledge and by devoting yourself to Knowledge. Do not let the world draw you into its meaningless pursuits, into its hopeless endeavors or into its incensed conflicts. All these things still hold attraction for you, yet do not allow yourself to give into them today, for the persuasions of the world are born of the world’s great anxiety and fear. Anxiety and fear are like diseases that affect minds. Do not allow your mind to be so affected today. You do not want to suffer today, and suffer you will if you follow the world’s persuasions. Participate in the world and fulfill your mundane responsibilities, but strengthen your resolve to be a student of Knowledge, for this will free you from all suffering and will give you the greatness that you are intended to give to the world.

UPON THE HOUR CONFIRM THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO SUFFER today and realize the inevitability of your suffering if you attempt to engage yourself in the world without Knowledge. The world can only remind you of your one great purpose and responsibility now, which is to become a student of Knowledge. Be grateful that the world will support you in the only way that it can, and be grateful that from your Ancient Home, God has extended Grace into the world for you to receive and to learn to give.

Practice 293: Hourly practice.

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