Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 295

I am now penetrating the mystery of my life.

YOU ARE PENETRATING THE MYSTERY OF YOUR LIFE which seeks to reveal itself to you. The mystery of your life is the source of all that is manifest in your life. All that will be manifest and is intended to be manifest is embodied in the mystery of your life. Therefore, your current engagement as a student of Knowledge is absolutely fundamental to everything you will do in the world and to everything you will realize and fulfill in this life. It is absolutely fundamental to your need.

ALLOW THE MYSTERY TO BE MYSTERIOUS. Allow the manifest to be manifest. In this way, you will enter the mystery of Knowledge with reverence and openness, and you will engage yourself in the world with a practical emphasis and a concrete approach. This will enable you to be a bridge from your Ancient Home to this temporary world. Then, you will treat life in the universe with reverence and awe, and you will treat your self-application in the world with conciseness and responsibility. Here all your faculties will be properly cultivated and integrated, and you will be a vehicle for Knowledge.

WE WILL NOW BEGIN A MORE ADVANCED SECTION of your curriculum. You may realize that much of what you are learning you cannot yet understand. Many of the steps to follow will be to activate your Knowledge, to make it stronger and more present within you and to evoke within you the ancient memory of your true relationships in the universe and the meaning of your purpose here. Therefore, we will begin a series of lessons which you will not be able to comprehend but with which you must become engaged. You are now penetrating the mystery of your life. The mystery of your life holds all the promise for your life.

REMEMBER YOUR LESSON THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Recite it upon the hour and in your two deeper practice periods, enter into stillness and peace. Allow yourself to penetrate the mystery of your life so that the mystery of your life may be revealed to you. For all meaning, purpose and direction are born of your origin and your destiny. You are a visitor within the world, and your participation here must exemplify your greater life beyond the world. In this way, the world is blessed and fulfilled. In this way, you will not betray yourself, for you were born of a greater life, and Knowledge is abiding with you to remind you of this.

Practice 295: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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