Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 282

I will learn to accept the responsibility of carrying Knowledge in the world.

CARRYING KNOWLEDGE IN THE WORLD requires responsibility. Your responsibility is to follow Knowledge and to learn to express Knowledge adequately and purposefully. In this, your human abilities will need to be cultivated and elevated. Discernment and all the other qualities of value within yourself will need to be cultivated as well, for you must learn to express that which you carry. You must learn to follow it and become a worthy vehicle for it. This is the true meaning of all individual development. This is where individual development has genuine purpose. This is where your growth and advancement have direction as well.

THEREFORE, ALLOW YOURSELF TO EXPERIENCE THE MEANING of today’s idea. Allow yourself to accept responsibility. It is not a weight upon your shoulders. It is a rite of passage for you, and in this all things that have confused and frustrated you within yourself will be given a new and purposeful application. Realize that Knowledge carries responsibility. In this, you need to treat it with the seriousness that it requires, and yet with this seriousness, you receive the greatness and the peace that it will render to you. Over time, you will become a very, very finely-tuned vehicle for Knowledge in the world. In this, all things that require development will find development, and all things which merely hinder your progress will be relinquished.

IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICES IN STILLNESS TODAY, recognize that you have a responsibility to cultivate your faculties of mind as a student of Knowledge. Exercise these responsibilities and do not drift away into imagination. Engage yourself as a student of Knowledge according to the requirements of your preparation, for you are now becoming a person of responsibility and a person of power.

Practice 282: Two 30-minute practice periods.

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