Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 281

Above all else I seek Knowledge.

ABOVE ALL ELSE SEEK KNOWLEDGE, for Knowledge will give you all else that you need. You will seek Knowledge with total conviction when you realize that any other avenue of endeavor and any other use of your mind and body will be hopeless and will lead you into greater confusion. For without Knowledge, you can only learn that you need Knowledge, and with Knowledge, all true learning will proceed. Your past has already taught you the great need for Knowledge. You need not learn this again and again. Why repeat the same lesson over and over, thinking that it will yield for you a different result?

OF YOURSELF YOU CAN DO NOTHING. Without Knowledge you can only generate more imagination. Therefore, there is one answer to your one greatest need, and the one answer will meet all other needs that emanate from your one great need. Your need is fundamental and the response to your need is fundamental. There is no complexity here, for in essence you need Knowledge to live meaningfully. You need Knowledge to advance. You need Knowledge to realize your True Self. You need Knowledge to fulfill your destiny in the world. Without Knowledge, you will simply wander around and come once again to realize that you need Knowledge.

THIS IS A DAY OF THANKSGIVING, for your prayers have been answered. Your need has been responded to. The gift has been given to you to reclaim your Knowledge. Above all else seek that which will serve everything through you. In this, your need and the remedy for your life will become simple, and you will be able to proceed in certainty and patience, becoming a consistent student of Knowledge. Day by day you are reclaiming your True Self. Day by day you are escaping all else that seeks to pull you into the darkness of confusion. Day by day that which is unreal begins to disintegrate and that which is genuine begins to emerge.

UPON THE HOUR TODAY remember and affirm this great truth— that you seek Knowledge above all else. In your deeper meditation practices, allow yourself to enter stillness. Allow your life to be transformed. Allow Knowledge to emerge so that you may be a vehicle for its expression, for in this you will find happiness.

Practice 281: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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