Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 283

The world is ambivalent, but I am not.

LOOK ABOUT YOU IN THE WORLD and you will see that the world of humanity is lost in its own ambivalence. It wishes to have this and wishes to go there. It wants to keep everything it has acquired and lose nothing, and yet it wants more than it needs. It is confused as to its predicament. It is confused as to the remedy. It is confused as to its identity. It is confused as to what to value and what not to value. All arguments and debates, all conflicts and all wars are engaged in exercising this ambivalence.

AS YOU ABIDE WITH KNOWLEDGE, you will look upon the world and recognize its utter confusion. This will teach you and remind you of the great need for Knowledge in the world. Knowledge will never attack itself, and Knowledge is not in conflict with itself. Therefore, two individuals, or two nations, or even two worlds, will have no issues of contention if they are guided by Knowledge, for Knowledge will always seek to join individuals in a meaningful way and to clarify their interactions with one another. It is not possible that Knowledge be in conflict with itself, for there is no opposition within Knowledge. It has one purpose and one aim, and to this it organizes all activity. It organizes all forms of opposition into serving one purpose and one direction. Thus, it is the great peacemaker in the world. As you abide with Knowledge, you will become the vehicle for its expression. Then, you will teach peace because peace itself will be teaching through you.

LOOKING AT KNOWLEDGE LIKE THIS will enable you to recognize your true involvement and your true responsibility as a student of Knowledge. The world is in ambivalence. It is in confusion and is suffering all of the results of this. But you who are now learning to witness the world without judgment or condemnation and are learning to witness the world from the certainty of Knowledge will be able to simply recognize the predicament of the world and know that you are carrying the remedy within yourself now.

IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICES ENTER INTO STILLNESS ONCE AGAIN and use the RAHN word if necessary to help you. Because you are learning to be still, you are learning to be certain. Any individual who can acquire stillness in the world will become a source of Knowledge in the world, for Knowledge will express itself in the world wherever there is an opening in any mind. Your mind is now becoming open so that Knowledge may express itself.

Practice 283: Two 30-minute practice periods.

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