Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 267

There is a simple solution to all problems that face me today.

ALL PROBLEMS THAT FACE YOU INDIVIDUALLY have a very simple answer. How will you find this answer? Will you find it by struggling with yourself? Will you find it by trying every possible resolution that you can think of? Will you find it by worrying about it and fretting over it? Will you find it by denying it and seeking pleasurable stimulation instead? Will you find it by sinking into depression and thinking that life is so hard for you that you cannot meet the demands of your own circumstances?

THERE IS A SIMPLE ANSWER TO THE PROBLEMS that you face today. It is to be found in Knowledge. Yet, to find Knowledge you must become still and observant and learn to disengage from fear and anxiety. Much of your life will be involved in solving problems, and it is in learning how to do this effectively, responsibly and even enthusiastically that you will achieve what you have come here to achieve.

REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS IDEA THROUGHOUT THE DAY and do not be deceived by the complexity of problems. Problems are only complex when you are trying to derive a benefit from resolving them or from avoiding them. When you have a preference that is governing your mind, you cannot see the obvious. As you learn now to look at each problem with Knowledge, you will see that the resolution is apparent. You will see that you could not recognize this before because you were afraid of the outcome in some way or you had anxiety that the resolution of the problem would leave you bereft and poor. You will have a different vision today.

IN YOUR TWO DEEPER PRACTICE PERIODS, abide with Knowledge. Do not attempt to answer your problems, but simply be still and receptive. Knowledge is aware of what things must be addressed and will cast its influence upon you so that you may respond to it and follow its direction. Without continual interference from you, the obvious will arise, and you will learn what to do step by step. Thus it is that you will realize there is a simple answer for all problems that face you. This will be an affirmation of Knowledge, and you will be happy that life is giving you these problems so that you may exercise your true abilities in response to them.

Practice 267: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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