Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 266


TODAY AS BEFORE REVIEW THE PAST TWO WEEKS of preparation. Take this opportunity in your long practice period today to review all that has transpired in these past two weeks concerning the directions given in this preparation, your experiences of the practices and the overall results in your life. Carry on this Review with as much objectivity as you can, especially regarding the results in your life, many of which you still cannot assess objectively.

MANY THINGS WILL CHANGE AS YOU PROGRESS in your studies. Some things will fall away from you; other things will begin to build. Worldly problems will press upon you that require your engagement and application. Other things that you thought were problems will become increasingly remote and unnecessary for you to concern yourself with. Thus, your outer life adjusts itself so that you can recognize where you are to apply yourself now. Then, your inner life and outer life can reflect one another. This is very important. You are beginning to learn how to learn, and you are seeing the world change as a result. The quality of your experience will be transformed in time so that all things, both common and extraordinary, will be viewed from a different viewpoint than before. You can then learn to take advantage of all opportunities and thus learn to appreciate life, even in its disappointments.

PRACTICE THIS IN THE REVIEW TODAY. Be very thorough in your investigation. Begin with the first lesson in the two-week period and follow it day by day. Recognize what happened in your life each day. Try to remember. Try to concentrate here. In this way, you will feel the movement of your own life. It is in recognizing this movement over a period of time and seeing how the stages of your life progress that you will realize that you are firmly on the road to Knowledge. You will then see that there will be less and less behind you to hold you back and that the future will open itself to accommodate you increasingly. This is the beneficence of life bowing before you who are becoming a student of Knowledge.

Practice 266: One long practice period.

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