Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 268

I will not be deceived by complexity today.

PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD BECOME COMPLEX when there is a difficulty that requires correction and development, and that becomes mixed with everyone’s preferences, everyone’s desire to protect what they have and everyone’s competition with each other. Thus it is that problems in the world become complex, and no matter what you do to attempt to solve them, somebody is disenfranchised. Someone is upset. Someone loses. In your societies this is manifest. But this only represents people’s fears and ambitions in contrast to their Knowledge. In Knowledge you are willing to relinquish anything that stands in the way of Knowledge. You are willing to relinquish anything that is harmful to you or to others. You are willing to disengage from any situation which no longer proves to be beneficial to you or to others. This is because Knowledge makes true honesty possible. This is a selfless form of involvement in the world, and thus it is beneficial to all.

THEREFORE, WHEN YOU LOOK AT A PROBLEM IN THE WORLD and it appears complex, it is very difficult at first to see simply what the problem is. But the solution is always very direct. It is people’s fear of this that disables them from recognizing the obvious. It is given you this day to realize that there is a direct solution to all problems that require a solution. Sometimes a solution is obvious all at once. Sometimes it must be approached in stages. But each step is very direct if you are following Knowledge.

TO APPROACH PROBLEMS IN THIS WAY you must approach them without fear or preference. You must follow Knowledge and not attempt to use Knowledge to solve things according to your own designs. You cannot use Knowledge in this way, but you can follow Knowledge, and in following Knowledge you will follow a path of resolution. This is a path that few people will be able to recognize at first, but it is a path that will prove utterly effective over time, for it will free everyone involved and provide a means of successful self application for everyone involved. Thus, the man or woman of Knowledge in the world becomes a source of resolution and restitution in the world. And their presence and their activities will always influence every situation for good.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE SEEMING COMPLEXITY of the world’s problems, for with Knowledge all things are simply resolved. Knowledge is not deceived, and as you learn to be with Knowledge, you will not be deceived either.

REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS IDEA upon the hour and in your two deeper meditation practices, enter once again the sanctuary of stillness within you. Become accustomed to stillness because Knowledge is still. Become accustomed to stillness because in stillness you affirm your goodness and your worth. A mind at peace is not a mind at war. A mind at peace is not deceived by the world.

Practice 268: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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