Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 221

I am free to be confused today.

DO NOT VIEW YOUR CONFUSION AS A FAILURE. Do not view your confusion as something that endangers you or belittles you. Confusion here is merely a sign that you are realizing the limitations of your own ideas and assumptions. You must give these up to allow Knowledge to become apparent to you, for in the face of all important decisions that require your attention this day, Knowledge has already provided an answer. It is not an answer that you can find amongst the many answers that you provide for yourself or that you assume others provide for you.

THEREFORE, LET ALL SUBSTITUTES FOR KNOWLEDGE fade from you. Allow yourself to be confused, for in your genuine confusion Knowledge may arise naturally. This, then, represents your freedom, for in freedom you are free to be confused.

REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS IDEA upon the hour, and do not be complacent with simple explanations or assumptions about its great meaning for you. You must consider it deeply and realize that the true understanding that it holds for you will be revealed in time. Today allow yourself to be confused, for you are confused, and you must always begin from where you are. Knowledge is with you. You are free to be confused. In your longer practice periods today, enter into stillness whether you are confused or not, for stillness, grace and peace are always available to you.

Practice 221: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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