Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 220

I will use restraint today so that greatness may grow within me.

USE RESTRAINT REGARDING THOSE FACULTIES that you recognize to be harmful or debilitating to the reclamation of Knowledge. Hold yourself back intentionally so that Knowledge may grow within you. This is no limitation that you place upon yourself. Instead, it is the meaningful use of your mind and strength to cultivate an awareness of the Greater Power within you and to allow it to emerge, to guide and to direct you.

IN TODAY’S LESSON, AS IN LESSONS PAST, you are learning to recognize the source of Knowledge and the vehicle of Knowledge and not to confuse the two. Learn restraint today so that Knowledge may grow within you. Do not think that restraint merely refers to past behavior where you limited what was genuine within yourself. No, your focus today is to learn the form of intentional restraint that represents an expression of your power and self-discipline. Your power and self-discipline must now be exercised to become strong, for your mind and body are vehicles of Knowledge, and as vehicles, they must be developed and strengthened.

IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICES TODAY, as in your hourly practices, restrain those forms of thinking and behavior that betray your Knowledge so that you may enter Knowledge in stillness and in peace. With this restraint, freedom will be discovered, for freedom is found beyond this world and is brought into this world, for freedom is the gift of Knowledge.

Practice 220: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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