Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 222

The world is confused. I will judge it not.

THE ONLY JUDGMENT THAT YOU CAN MAKE UPON THE WORLD is that it is confused. This judgment does not require anger, sadness, loss, resentment, hostility or revenge. It does not call for attack in any form. The world is confused. Judge it not. How can the world be certain when the world is without Knowledge? You may look upon your life thus far and realize the extent of your own confusion. How could it be otherwise when you were without Knowledge? Knowledge is with you now, as it was then. You are beginning to reclaim Knowledge so its certainty can express itself through you increasingly. This is the great gift that you are now learning to receive. It is a gift the world will learn to receive through you.

EACH HOUR AS YOU LOOK UPON THE WORLD and all of its activities, judge it not, for it is merely confused. If you are in distress today, judge yourself not, for you are merely confused. In your deeper practice periods today, allow yourself to enter stillness. You enter stillness simply by wanting to enter stillness. It is a gift that you allow for yourself. To do this, you give yourself to receiving the gift. Here there is no giver and sender of the gift, for the gift reverberates between you and your Source. Knowledge and its vehicle merely affirm one another.

THE WORLD IS CONFUSED. It is without Knowledge. But you are a gift to the world, for you are learning to receive Knowledge this day.

Practice 222: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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