Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 363

Knowledge is my true desire because I am a student of Knowledge.

KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR TRUE DESIRE. Think not that your desires are false, for all desires, if recognized, are for Knowledge. It is because you have misinterpreted your desires or have attempted to use them to fortify other things that they have led you astray. Do not attempt to be without desire, for life is desire. Desire is purpose. Desire is meaning and direction. Yet, you must recognize your true desire, which is the desire for Knowledge to fulfill itself and to claim itself, the desire for Knowledge to save you and for you to save Knowledge. How can you save Knowledge? By holding it within yourself, by being a student of Knowledge, by carrying Knowledge everywhere you go, by reinforcing your awareness of Knowledge, by being simple with Knowledge and by not attempting to use Knowledge to fulfill your own aims and your own purposes.

CARRY FORTH THE NORMAL ACTIVITIES OF THE DAY, but carry Knowledge with you. If Knowledge is not in doubt, you need not be in doubt. If Knowledge is not afraid, you need not be afraid. If Knowledge is not changing the situation, you need not change the situation. Yet, if Knowledge holds you back, hold yourself back. If Knowledge changes the situation, change the situation. If Knowledge tells you to leave a circumstance, leave a circumstance. If Knowledge tells you to stay in a circumstance, stay in a circumstance. Here you become as simple and as powerful as Knowledge. Here you become Knowledge itself.

UPON THE HOUR REPEAT THE IDEA FOR TODAY and experience it. Within your inner life, experience it as well in your deeper meditation practices. Your inner and outer life are where you apply yourself and where you give yourself. They are where you carry Knowledge. In time, you will see that Knowledge will carry you.

Practice 363: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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