Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 362

I am learning to learn because I carry Knowledge within me today.

YOU ARE LEARNING TO LEARN. You are learning to receive Knowledge. You are learning to value Knowledge. You are learning to carry Knowledge. You are learning to express Knowledge. You are learning to cultivate all of your mental and physical faculties that are essential for this overall preparation. You are a consummate student. Therefore, be totally engaged with your studenthood today, which will free you from false assumptions and from placing impossible burdens upon yourself. That which is given in truth you will naturally be able to do, for you are naturally created to do this. Your physical and mental vehicles, those things that are tied to this world, will naturally be engaged in your true fulfillment.

LEARN TO LEARN. Learning to learn means that you are learning to participate. It means you are both following and leading all at once. You follow your Teachers and their program for development, and you lead your mental and physical vehicles. In this way, leading and following become all the same, as giving and receiving are all the same. Thus it is that those who receive will give and those who follow will lead. Thus it is that those who give will need to continue to receive and those who lead will need to continue to follow. Here the duality of such things disappears. Their uniformity and their complementary natures are recognized because this is simple, because it is apparent and because it is true.

REMEMBER THIS IDEA UPON THE HOUR and use your two practice periods to engage yourself with Knowledge in stillness and simplicity. Allow these final practice periods in this program to have great depth. Give yourself to them as completely as you can, for in doing so you will increase your capacity for Knowledge and your experience of Knowledge. As your capacity and experience of Knowledge grow, your desire for Knowledge will grow as well, for Knowledge is your true desire.

Practice 362: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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