Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 337

Alone I can do nothing.

ALONE YOU CAN DO NOTHING, but you are not alone. Yes, you are an individual, but you are greater than an individual. Thus it is that you cannot be alone, and thus it is that your individuality has great promise and purpose in the world. Thus it is that you who are part of the greatness that is greater than your individuality and you who are part of your individuality as well become whole and unified. In this, everything that you have constructed for yourself is turned for good. All of your creations are given purpose, meaning, direction and inclusion in life. Thus, your life is redeemed and reclaimed, and you become part of life and a vehicle for its unique expression. This is the true meaning of today’s lesson.

ONLY IN THE SHADOWS AND THE DARKNESS OF IMAGINATION can you hide from the light of truth. You must believe that you are alone to think that your imaginings are real. To learn that you are not alone at first may seem fearful because you are afraid that your imaginings and guilt would be revealed. Yet, as you consider this honestly and without condemnation, you realize that it means that you have been reclaimed, rejuvenated and are now being prepared to receive the power that abides with you, the power that is your Source and True Self.

REPEAT TODAY’S IDEA UPON THE HOUR and realize that it is an affirmation of your strength and inclusion in life. In your deeper meditations allow yourself to re-enter the stillness of your sanctuary of Knowledge where it will become evident that you are not alone. Here you are in true marriage with life and in true union with those who have come to serve you and guide you and with those who practice with you now. In your inclusion is your happiness. In your isolation is your misery. Your misery has no foundation, for you are not alone and your success is guaranteed, for alone you can do nothing.

Practice 337: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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