Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 316

I will trust my deepest inclinations today.

YOUR DEEPEST INCLINATIONS EMANATE FROM KNOWLEDGE. As your mind becomes clear of its restraints and as your life begins to open to the greater calling that is emerging for you now, these deeper inclinations will become more powerful and more evident. You will be able to discern them more easily. This will require great self-trust, which of course will require great self-love. To trust your deepest inclinations, to follow Knowledge and to be a student of Knowledge will re-establish your self-love and will place it upon a firm foundation that the world cannot shake.

HERE YOU ARE REDEEMED IN YOUR OWN EYES. Here you are brought into relationship with life. Here your self-love engenders love for others, for there is no inequality here. You are reclaimed, and in your reclamation Knowledge begins to express itself within the world. You are its primary beneficiary, but even greater than this is its impact upon the world. For in your giving, you will remind the world that it is not bereft of hope, that it is not alone, that you are not alone, that others are not alone and that all the deepest inclinations for hope, truth and justice that others feel are not without foundation, but are born of Knowledge within themselves. Thus, you will be a force for confirmation within the world and a force to confirm Knowledge in others as well.

REMEMBER YOUR IDEA UPON THE HOUR and attempt to utilize all situations that you encounter today for the purpose of reclaiming Knowledge. In this way, you will see that your entire life can be used for practice. As this is done, everything that happens will serve you, and you will feel love towards the world. Your deeper inclinations will spark and encourage the deeper inclinations in others, and thus you will be a force for Knowledge in the world.

IN YOUR TWO DEEPER MEDITATION PRACTICES, in stillness take refuge in the temple of Knowledge within you. Attempt here to be still and simply feel the power of Knowledge in your life. Bring not your questions, for they will be answered by Knowledge as it emerges within you. Come in openness, seeking relief, seeking comfort, seeking power and seeking certainty. These you will experience because these emanate from the essence of Knowledge within you. Let this day be a day of self-trust and therefore a day of self-love.

Practice 316: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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