Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 315

Today I will not be alone.

TODAY DO NOT BE ALONE. Do not isolate yourself in your fear or in your negative imagination. Do not isolate yourself in your fantasies. Do not think you are alone, for this is a fantasy. Today do not be alone. Realize that those who are with you are not persuaded by your errors or dismayed by your failures, but recognize your true nature and your Knowledge. Those who are with you today love you without exception. Receive their love, for this will confirm that you are not alone, and this will confirm that you do not wish to be alone. Why else would you want to be alone except to hide your pain, your sense of failure and your sense of guilt? These things which are the result of your separation only isolate you further.

YET, TODAY YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Therefore, choose not to be alone, and you will see that you have never been alone. Choose not to isolate yourself, and you will see that you are part of life already. Confirm this upon the hour and realize again the many opportunities to consider this throughout the day. In your deeper meditation practices, begin with the invocation of today’s message. Then, enter into stillness and silence where there is no separation. Allow yourself to receive the great gifts of love which are due you and dispel any sense of inadequacy and unworthiness that are merely the residue of your separate, imagined life. Today you are not alone. Therefore, there is hope for the world.

Practice 315: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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