Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 312

There are greater problems for me to solve in the world.

MANY OF YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS WILL BE RESOLVED as you give yourself to a greater calling. Some of your personal problems you will need to attend to specifically, but even here you will find that their weight upon you will diminish as you enter into a greater arena of participation in life. Knowledge gives you greater things to do, but it does not overlook any detail of what you must accomplish. Therefore, small details and great details, small adjustments and great adjustments are all included. Nothing is left out. You yourself could not possibly balance your preparation in this respect, for you would not know how to establish your priorities between what is great and what is small. Your attempt to do so would merely push you deeper into confusion and frustration.

BE GRATEFUL, THEN, THAT YOU HAVE BEEN SPARED from attempting the impossible for yourself, for what is real is given to you. What you must do is become a student and a vehicle for Knowledge. This will activate all meaningful individual development and all meaningful individual education. It will require more of you than you have required of yourself, and all that it requires will be fulfilled and will yield its true promise for you.

UPON THE HOUR REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS and take heart that a greater involvement is promised which will provide you escape from your individual misery. In your deeper practice periods today, actively engage your mind to review all of your small personal problems. Review all of the things you think hold you back and all of the things you think you must resolve for yourself. As you look at each one objectively, without denial, remember and remind yourself that a greater calling is given you which will correct these things or make their correction unnecessary. Remind yourself that Knowledge will provide correction at all levels as your life becomes uniform and directed, as your Knowledge begins to emerge and as your true sense of self begins to be recognized and received.

Practice 312: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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