Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 313

Let me recognize that what is complex is simple.

YOU THINK YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS ARE COMPLEX. You think the world’s problems are complex. You think your future and your destiny are complex. This is because you have lived in imagination and have attempted to resolve questions without certainty. This is the result of using your personal beliefs to organize the universe according to your liking. This is the result of attempting the impossible, and this is the result of failing the impossible.

YOU HAVE BEEN SAVED BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE is with you. You have been redeemed because you are learning to receive Knowledge. Thus it is that all conflicts will become resolved, and you will find true purpose, meaning and direction in the world. You will find that you will still attempt to solve your problems for yourself, and this will only remind you that you need Knowledge to guide you, for all your own efforts can do without Knowledge is remind you of your need for Knowledge.

THEREFORE, TODAY REMEMBER UPON THE HOUR that Knowledge is with you and that you are a student of Knowledge. Have confidence that all problems you perceive—great and small, within yourself and without—will be resolved through Knowledge. Remind yourself as well that this does not put you in a passive state. This will require your active engagement as a student of Knowledge and the active development of your abilities for a true purpose. Indeed, you have been passive before because of your attempts at the impossible and your failure at the impossible. Now you are becoming active, and that which is active within you is Knowledge, for you are now receiving your True Self.

IN YOUR TWO LONGER PRACTICES, actively engage yourself with today’s idea. Attempt to penetrate its meaning. Review all ideas and beliefs that you currently possess that are related to it. Allow yourself to take inventory of your thoughts and beliefs so that you may come to recognize the work that must be accomplished within you. You are the first recipient of Knowledge, and once you have attained a certain degree of accomplishment here, Knowledge will naturally flow through you. Your activities will then be increasingly engaged in serving the world around you, and greater problems will be presented to you so that you may be saved from your own dilemma.

Practice 313: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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