Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 291

I am grateful to my brothers and my sisters who err against me.

BE GRATEFUL TO THOSE WHO DEMONSTRATE THE NEED for Knowledge. Be grateful to those who teach you that it is hopeless to engage in any pursuit in the world without Knowledge. Be grateful to those who save you time by demonstrating the results of things you are contemplating for yourself even now. Be grateful to those who show you your own great need in the world. Be grateful to those who demonstrate what you must give to the world. Be grateful to all those who seem to err against you, for they will show you what is necessary in your life, and they will remind you that Knowledge is your one true purpose, your one true goal and your one true expression.

IN THIS, ALL WHO ERR AGAINST YOU become your friends, for even in their misery they serve you and will call upon you to serve them. Here all folly, error, confusion, ambivalence, conflict and war in the world can lead you to the conviction of Knowledge. In this way, the world serves you, supports you and prepares you to serve it in its great need. Here you become a recipient of the world’s accomplishments and are given a reminder of the world’s errors. In this way, your love and compassion for the world will be engendered.

TODAY REMIND YOURSELF UPON THE HOUR of this message and attempt to realize its meaning in the context of all of your activities so that everything that happens today will demonstrate the meaning of today’s idea. In your deeper practice periods, actively engage your mind in attempting to penetrate today’s idea. Recall every person who you think has erred against you. See how that person has served you and will continue to serve you as a reminder. This can save you great amounts of time and energy by bringing you closer to Knowledge, by increasing your resolve for Knowledge and by reminding you that there is no alternative to Knowledge. In your longer practice periods think of every person who you feel has erred against you and realize their tremendous service to you from this point of view.

ALLOW THIS DAY TO BE A DAY OF FORGIVENESS and a day of acceptance where you recognize and extend your gratitude to those who have erred against you. Life is conspiring to bring you to Knowledge. As you enter Knowledge, you will realize the great service that life is rendering unto you, both from its accomplishments and from its failures. Be a recipient of this gift, for in love and gratitude you will turn to the world and wish to contribute that which is the greatest of all contributions. Here you will give Knowledge in gratitude and in service to the world which has served you.

Practice 291: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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