Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 290

I can only be a student. Therefore, I will be a student of Knowledge.

IN THE WORLD YOU ARE A STUDENT—ALWAYS. Every day, every hour and every minute you are learning and attempting to assimilate your learning. You are either a student of Knowledge or a student of confusion. You are either a student of certainty or a student of ambivalence. You are either a student of wholeness and integrity or you are a student of conflict and war. You can only learn from being in the world, and you can only demonstrate the result of your learning.

THEREFORE, THERE IS NO CHOICE whether you will be a student or not, for you will be a student even if you decide not to be a student. If you decide not to be a student, you will merely study another curriculum. In this, you have no choice, for to be in the world is to learn and to demonstrate the result of your learning. Recognizing this, your decision, then, is to determine where you will be a student and what you will learn. This is the power of decision that is given to you. Knowledge will naturally guide you to make the right decision and will lead you unto itself, for it is given to you to give to the world. Thus, as you approach Knowledge, you will feel as if you are engaged in a great homecoming. You will feel a great integration within yourself, and you will feel your self-conflict and your war with yourself begin to diminish and to fade.

BE A STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE TODAY, for a student you are. Choose the curriculum that has chosen you. Choose the curriculum that will redeem you and through you the world. Choose the curriculum that fulfills your purpose here and that exemplifies your life beyond this world, which wishes to express itself here. Become a student of Knowledge.

REALIZE THE POWER OF TODAY’S IDEA and remember it upon the hour. Always remember to read the day’s lesson prior to entering into the world so that you may begin to utilize its practice for that day. Confirm your studenthood in Knowledge. Strengthen your involvement as a student of Knowledge. Follow today’s practices with greater and greater devotion.

IN YOUR TWO DEEPER PRACTICE PERIODS, actively engage your mind in considering what it means to be a student in the world. Engage your mind in understanding the message for today, and attempt to realize that you are a student under all circumstances. Try to realize that you have no choice here, for you must learn, assimilate and demonstrate your learning. This is the foundation for true teaching. Realize that your purpose in the world is to become a student of Knowledge, to assimilate Knowledge and to allow Knowledge to express itself so that you may demonstrate Knowledge in the world. In the simplest way, this is an expression of your purpose, and from your purpose a specific calling will come forth to guide you in specific ways in the world according to your nature and your design.

THUS, TODAY YOU WILL STRENGTHEN YOURSELF AS A STUDENT of Knowledge. In your longer practice periods, actively engage your mind in attempting to penetrate today’s idea and to recognize its absolute relevancy to your life.

Practice 290: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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