Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 286

I carry stillness into the world with me today.

CARRY STILLNESS WITH YOU. Allow your inner life to be quiet as you move in the world of turbulence and confusion. There is nothing for you to resolve in your thoughts now, for you are learning to be with Knowledge. Knowledge will organize your thinking and give it true uniformity and direction. Carry stillness with you and be certain that all of your internal conflicts will be resolved through Knowledge, for you are following the source of their resolution. Each day will bring you closer to peace and fulfillment. And that which haunted you before and cast great dark clouds over your mind will simply be escaped as you walk the path of Knowledge.

CARRY STILLNESS WITH YOU INTO THE WORLD. This will enable you to be truly observant. This will enable you to see the world as it is. This will enable you to diffuse the world’s conflict, for here you are teaching peace by being at peace. This is not a false peace that you are teaching. It is born of a true association with Knowledge, for you are following Knowledge here. You are allowing Knowledge to provide the direction. You can only do this in stillness.

THINK NOT THAT STILLNESS WILL RENDER YOU INCAPABLE of genuine activity in the world. You will be active in the world, and you will participate in its mechanism, but you may be still inside as you do so. You will find, to your great delight, that you will be far more competent, more effective and far more responsive to others, with greater involvement and productivity as you carry this stillness into the world. Here your energy may be expressed in the world in a meaningful way. Here all the powers of your mind and your body are being contributed and are not wasted in internal conflict. Therefore, you become more powerful and effective, more certain and productive as you carry stillness into the world.

THROUGHOUT THE DAY REMIND YOURSELF that you are carrying stillness into the world, and in your two deep meditation practices seek the refuge of stillness. Escape the world that your senses report, and enter the serenity and the sanctuary of stillness and Knowledge. You will find as you proceed that your two longer practice periods will be times of great rest and relief, great moments of rejuvenation. They are where you attend the holy chapel of the Holy Spirit each day. They are where you and God meet through Knowledge.

THESE PRACTICE PERIODS, THEN, become the highlight of each day as you learn to receive the gifts that are being presented to you. You will look forward to your practice sessions as an opportunity to regenerate and to refresh yourself, to find true inspiration and comfort and to enable your mind to become stronger and stronger with Knowledge so that you may carry peace and stillness into the world.

Practice 286: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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