Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 285

In stillness all things can be known.

IN STILLNESS ALL THINGS CAN BE KNOWN, for the mind is able to respond to Knowledge. Then, Knowledge will find expression in your specific thoughts and activities. Your mind was meant to serve Knowledge, as your body was meant to serve your mind. In this, the contribution from your True Home is able to express itself in the world of exile. Here Heaven and Earth touch, and when they touch, true communication begins to exist, and the transference of Knowledge is made into the world.

YOU ARE PREPARING TO BECOME A VEHICLE FOR KNOWLEDGE so that all things that you accomplish, great and small, unique and mundane, will express the presence of Knowledge. Therefore, your function in the world is not grand; it is simple. It is what is expressed through your activity that is important, for the simplest action done with Knowledge is a great teaching of Knowledge and will impress and affect all minds in the world.

THEREFORE, REMIND YOURSELF UPON THE HOUR TODAY of the importance of cultivating stillness and the immediate freedom from anxiety and conflict that it provides for you. Allow your deeper practice periods today to be times of true devotion, where you come to the altar of God to give yourself. This, in essence, is the true church. This is the true chapel. This is where prayer becomes real and where your mind, which is an expression of God’s Mind, in stillness, humility and openness, yields itself to its great source. In this, God blesses you and gives to you a gift to give to the world which is the result of your own development.

ALL THIS IS TRANSPIRED IN STILLNESS, for in stillness the transference of Knowledge can be completed. This is absolutely natural and totally beyond your comprehension. Therefore, you need not spend energy and time speculating about it, wondering about it or trying to comprehend its mechanism. This is not necessary. It is only required that you be a recipient of Knowledge. Do not stand apart and attempt to understand it.

DO NOT STAND APART TODAY BUT ENTER STILLNESS, for this is God’s gift to you. In stillness the transference of Knowledge will be made. With this, you become a vehicle for Knowledge in the world.

Practice 285: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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