Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 250

I will not hold myself apart today.

YOU CAN ONLY BE ALONE IN FANTASY, and fantasy will yield you nothing of value, permanence or meaning. Do not betray your Knowledge today by holding yourself apart. Do not punish yourself for errors which have no substance and which are in fact only an expression of confusion. There is no justification for error, and there is no justification for holding yourself apart. You are a part of life and you will need to rely upon your relationships with others and with life as a whole to accomplish anything, even to survive.

AS YOU THINK ABOUT THIS, gratitude will naturally arise within you, and you will realize that the ground upon which you walk and everything that you see and touch that is useful and beneficial is the result of giving and cooperation. Then, your gratitude will bring forth love naturally, and from your love you will begin to understand how all things are accomplished in the universe. This will give you strength and the assurance of what you yourself must learn to do.

UPON THE HOUR REMEMBER THIS, and in your deeper meditations allow yourself to receive. Do not hold yourself apart from Knowledge, which waits to bless you in your meditation practices. This is when you come to the altar of God to present yourself, and here God presents God to you who are learning to receive Knowledge.

Practice 250: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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