Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 249

Alone I can do nothing.

ALONE YOU CAN DO NOTHING, for nothing in life is done alone. This is so very obvious if you simply observe the activity around you. No one is doing anything alone. This is so very true; it cannot be denied if you look upon the world honestly. Even if you were alone on a mountaintop without another soul in sight, you would not be alone, for your Teachers would be with you, and everything that you would accomplish there would be a joint effort, as everything that you accomplish with other people is a joint effort. This affirms the intrinsic nature of relationships and gives complete evidence to the fact that nothing can be done alone. In this, you must learn to value your relationships, for they are the vehicles for accomplishment in all areas and in all avenues of expression.

THEREFORE, WE EMPHASIZE THE VALUE of your relationships to you who now seek to reclaim Knowledge. These relationships must be imbued with the Knowledge that you are reclaiming. Then they will have the stability, the efficacy and the grace that Knowledge contains for you. For only relationships based upon Knowledge can carry the Wisdom that Knowledge will exert within the world. Relationships based upon personal attraction or personal fantasy do not have the foundation to carry Knowledge and will fail abruptly in the presence of the demands and requirements of a true life.

THEREFORE, AS YOU RECLAIM KNOWLEDGE, you also learn the lessons of relationships. Remind yourself of this upon the hour and witness the obviousness of today’s lesson in whatever context you find yourself. If you look, you will see that nothing can be done alone—on any level, in any avenue. Nothing can be done alone. There is no individual creativity. There is no individual contribution. There is no individual invention. The only thing that can be made alone is fantasy, and in this a great deal has been produced. But even this is shared and fortified as each individual fortifies it within his or her own imagination. Therefore, even illusion is shared and substantiated through relationship. Nothing can be done alone. Even illusion cannot be done alone. There is no escape from this. Yet, the fact that there is no escape from life is the true promise of your redemption, for here life will redeem you, and all that you have brought into the world will be activated and contributed.

IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, bring yourself to Knowledge and bring yourself to your Teachers in stillness and humility. Realize that you can do nothing alone. Even your attempt to discipline your mind and to prepare yourself for meditation is something you share with others who are practicing and with your Teachers as well. All power of God can be expressed through you, for nothing can be done alone.

Practice 249: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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