Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 233

I am part of a Greater Force for good in the world.

THIS STATEMENT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE, though from a separated point of view it may be very difficult to understand. It is not expected that you will understand today’s idea, but it is given you to experience its power and potency, for being representative of truth it can lead you to the truth, which is the experience of Knowledge. This is the greatest possibility for any idea—that it can be a doorway to Knowledge.

THIS IDEA, THEN, MUST BE APPROACHED PROPERLY. You must realize the limitations of a separated point of view and not attempt to judge the value of this day’s idea. You cannot judge it. You can only respond to it or deny it because its truth is greater than your current interpretation. Recognizing your current limitations in this regard gives you access to greatness, for without protecting that which weakens you, you may find your way to that which strengthens you and gives you purpose, meaning and direction.

YOU ARE PART OF A GREATER FORCE FOR GOOD, for this force is joined and directed by Knowledge. Knowledge here is beyond what any individual can own. Therefore, there is no “your” knowledge and “my” knowledge; there is only Knowledge. There is only your interpretation and my interpretation, and in this there can be discrepancies, but Knowledge is Knowledge. It leads people together; it takes people apart. If it is truly comprehended from stillness and objectivity, its true direction can be discerned and followed.

TAKE STRENGTH TODAY AS YOU REPEAT THIS IDEA upon the hour. Know that all of your efforts on behalf of Knowledge are supplemented by those who practice with you—those whom you can see and those whom you cannot see. In your deeper practices allow your own self-discipline, which prepares you to enter into stillness and peace, to be supplemented as well. Thus, your accomplishment today will supplement the efforts of all others who practice, those who are unlearning the false and those who are learning the true along with you.

Practice 233: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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