Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 232

My calling in life requires the development of others.

FOR YOUR CALLING TO EMERGE IN YOUR LIFE, it is not merely your own development that is essential, but the development of others with whom you will be directly engaged. Because your purpose in life involves your engagement with others, it is not a singular pursuit. It is not an individual fulfillment. In reality, there is no individual who is completely separate from other individuals because individuality has meaning only in terms of expressing that which binds and joins all life.

THEREFORE, THIS DAY DEVELOP THE WISDOM and the understanding that your true accomplishment is dependent upon the accomplishment of others as well. Think not that you know who all these others are, for you have not met them all yet. Some are in this world, and some are beyond the world. They may not be in your personal sphere at all.

HOW, THEN, CAN YOU PROCEED when your accomplishment is partially dependent upon others? You proceed by giving yourself to your preparation. The power of doing this will strengthen those with whom you will be engaged in your life’s calling. Because your application strengthens one another, you are already in relationship; you are already influencing one another. The closer you come to that point where Knowledge emerges, the closer they will come as well. The more you hold yourself back, the more you hold them back. You cannot see the mechanism for this while you are in the world, for you must be beyond the world to see how this works. But you can understand the idea that all minds influence each other, particularly those minds that are meant to be engaged specifically with one another in life.

THEREFORE, YOUR ADVANCEMENT IS DEPENDENT upon your own efforts and the efforts of others. Yet, the efforts of others are supplemented and strengthened by your own efforts. Therefore, your achievement is very much given to you to accomplish, and yet your achievement will join you with life and will deepen the content and experience of relationship beyond what you were formerly able to experience.

IN YOUR HOURLY REMEMBRANCES and in your longer meditations in stillness today, allow your efforts to supplement the efforts of others, which will supplement your efforts. Allow the combination of your mutual dedication, then, to be a source of strength which you will experience this day and which will be experienced by those whom you have not yet met in this life.

Practice 232: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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