Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 225

Today I will be serious and lighthearted all at once.

THERE IS NO CONTRADICTION IN TODAY’S MESSAGE for you if it is understood. To take your life seriously is to receive its true grace, which will make you very happy. Therefore, you must be very serious with yourself as you are learning now to become a vehicle for Knowledge, and you may be very happy and lighthearted that Knowledge is with you. This, then, is the true application of your mind, for you are lighthearted with that which is lighthearted, and you are serious with that which is serious. A mind that is serious in its outward direction and lighthearted in its internal delight will be a mind that is fully integrated. This will be a mind where Heaven and Earth touch.

THE GRACE THAT YOU WILL BE RECEIVING THIS DAY will engender happiness and true appreciation, yet the application it calls for will require your serious engagement, your sincere dedication and the genuine application of your mental and physical faculties. Here your strengths represent your happiness, and your happiness is strengthened by the application of your true abilities.

THINK OF THIS UPON THE HOUR as you repeat your idea for today. As you attempt your deeper meditation practices, seriously engage your mind so that it may experience the lightheartedness and the great joy of Knowledge. In this, you will see that today’s idea is entirely uniform in its meaning. In this, you will not confuse that which is happy and that which is serious. This will give you a greater comprehension of the world.

Practice 225: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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