Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 224


TODAY PRACTICE OBJECTIVITY BY REVIEWING the last two weeks of practice. Once again, read each lesson for the day and recall your practice for that day. Begin with the first practice of the two-week period, and then follow each day step by step. Strengthen your ability to observe your progress objectively. See what happens on days when you are strong with practice and on days when you are weak. Imagine for a moment as you do this that you are looking through the eyes of your Teachers who are watching your life from far above. They are without condemnation. They are merely taking note of your strengths and weaknesses, strengthening the former and minimizing the effects of the latter. As you learn to view your life objectively, you will learn to see your life through the eyes of your Teachers. This is looking with Knowledge. This is looking without judgment. Given this, the mind becomes a vehicle for Knowledge, and Knowledge will bestow upon you all the ideas and the activities that are truly beneficial for you.

ALLOW YOUR REVIEW PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY to be engaged on your own behalf. Utilize your mind purposefully and do not allow it to wander. Break the habit of thinking mindlessly. Break the habit of preoccupying yourself with foolish and meaningless things. Allow your Review today to demonstrate to you that you are a true student of Knowledge.

Practice 224: One long practice period.

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