Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 219

I will not let ambition deceive me today.

AS KNOWLEDGE IS NOW BEGINNING TO GERMINATE within you, do not allow your own ambition to deceive you. Your ambition is born of your personal need for recognition and reassurance. It is an attempt to counteract fear by controlling the opinions of others. Your ambition here is destructive, but like all other faculties of mind that are now misappropriated, in time it can serve the greatness of Knowledge. You have not achieved this state yet; therefore, do not attempt to do anything with your Knowledge, for it is not for you to use Knowledge but to receive Knowledge. It is in your receptivity to Knowledge that you will find Knowledge to be of the greatest service and usefulness to you.

DO NOT LET AMBITION PULL YOU WHERE YOU CANNOT GO. Do not let it misappropriate your vitality and your energy. Learn to become patient and calm with Knowledge, for Knowledge has its own goal and direction in life, which you are now learning to follow.

THROUGHOUT TODAY IN YOUR HOURLY PRACTICES and in your deeper meditations as well, allow yourself to be without ambition, for you do not know what to do with Knowledge. In your longer meditations, allow this to free you so that you may enter stillness and leave the world of physical things.

Practice 219: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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