Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 182


TODAY MARKS AN IMPORTANT TURNING POINT in your preparation. Today marks the completion of the first stage of your preparation and the beginning of a new stage. Review the past week in one long practice period and then take time to think how far you have come and how far you need to go. Recognize your growing power and strength. Think of your outer life and recognize how much needs to be accomplished there, both on your own behalf and for the well-being of others. Recognize how little you know and how much is available to you. Do not let any self-doubt dissuade you in your undertaking, for you need only participate to receive the greatest gift that life can give.

REVIEW THE PAST WEEK AND THINK NOW of what has transpired in your preparation thus far. Observe the development that has occurred within you these past few months—the growing sense of presence, the growing sense of inner certainty, the growing sense of inner power. Allow for the fact that your outer life has begun to open. Certain things that were fixed before have now been loosened so that they may be rearranged on your behalf. Allow your outer life to be rearranged, now that you are not seeking to dominate it for your personal protection. As a greater certainty arises within you, outer circumstances must be rearranged on your own behalf. Thus, you become a source of change and not the recipient of it only.

RECOGNIZE HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME, but keep in mind that you are a beginning student of Knowledge. Allow this to be your starting point so that you may assume little and receive a great deal. From this great point of reference, you will be able to see beyond the prejudice and the condemnation of humanity. You will be able to see beyond a personal viewpoint and have a vision of the world that the world is desperate to receive.

Practice 182: One long practice period.

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