Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Part Two

IN THE SECOND HALF OF OUR PROGRAM OF PREPARATION we will undertake to explore new arenas, to further cultivate your experience of Knowledge and to prepare you to be a contributor of Knowledge in the world. In the days to come we shall explore things with which you are familiar and things with which you are not familiar, things which you have recognized before and things you have never seen before. The mystery of your life calls for you because from mystery come all things of concrete value in the world.

THEREFORE, IN THE STEPS TO COME, give yourself with increasing dedication. Allay your sense of doubt. Allow yourself to proceed with greater certainty. Your participation alone is required, for as you stimulate Knowledge, Knowledge will arise on its own. It will arise on its own when the mental and physical conditions of your life have been properly prepared and adjusted.

LET US NOW PROCEED with the next step of your preparation.

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