Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 163

I will feel Knowledge today.

FEEL THE ABIDING QUALITY OF KNOWLEDGE, which is always available to you beyond your thoughts and self preoccupations. Upon the hour, feel Knowledge today. Repeat the idea for the day and take a moment to feel its presence. The presence of Knowledge is something you can take with you everywhere you go, into each encounter, into each circumstance. It is appropriate everywhere. In this, you will be able to see each circumstance and event. You will be able to hear. You will be able to give. You will be able to comprehend. This stability is something the world greatly needs, and you who are rich with Knowledge have this to give.

FEEL KNOWLEDGE THIS DAY IN YOUR DEEPER PRACTICE PERIODS. Give yourself to this, for this is your gift to God and to the world. Let this day be a day of strengthening and a day of confirmation. Let not any small failure today dissuade you from your greater task. Realize that all setbacks can only stop you in your progress, and you need only step forward to continue. The response to any failure, then, great or small, is simply the decision to continue. For you need only follow the steps that are given here to achieve the results of this preparation for you. How simple is the path to Knowledge. How clear is its way when you follow its provision step by step.

Practice 163: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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