Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 161


IN YOUR REVIEW TODAY, CONSIDER EACH LESSON and each practice of each day in the past week. Learn more of the process of learning. Realize that to learn this you cannot view your life with condemnation, for you are learning to learn. Realize that wealth is apparent in your life because of the practices that you are undertaking, which you could not do if you were without Knowledge. You are undertaking this preparation because of Knowledge, and each day you are committed to your practice because of Knowledge. Each day you accomplish your practice because of Knowledge. Thus, without your denial or interference, Knowledge itself will guide you in your preparation and will emerge as you undertake each step. How easy is success in this way. How simple it is to receive without denial or insistence on your part. For without imagination, life is evident. Its beauty is evident. Its grace is evident. Its purpose is evident. The work that it requires is evident. Its rewards are evident. Even the difficulties of this world are evident. Everything becomes evident as your mind becomes still and clear.

THEREFORE, IN ONE LONG PRACTICE PERIOD review the week’s practices. Give this your full attention. Give yourself to your practice and know that Knowledge within you is motivating you.

Practice 161: One long practice period.

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