Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 157

I am not alone in the universe.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE because you are part of the universe. You are not alone in the universe because your mind is joined with all minds. You are not alone in the universe because the universe is with you. You are now learning to be with the universe so that your relationship with life may be fully reclaimed and so that it may express itself in your world. The world sets a poor example for this, for humanity has lost its relationship with life and now seeks desperately within the realms of imagination and fantasy to find that which has been lost. Be happy today, then, that the means for life’s reclamation have been given to you so that you may give yourself to your practice and to your destiny. In this way, you are affirmed. You are not alone in the universe. The depth of this idea is far greater than what it appears to be at first. It is a statement of absolute truth, but it must be experienced to be comprehended.

THEREFORE, UPON THE HOUR REMIND YOURSELF of this statement. Attempt to feel it in whatever circumstance you find yourself. In your two longer meditation practices, attempt to experience your complete inclusion in life. You need not think of ideas or see images, but only feel the presence of life of which you are a part. You are within life. You are immersed in life. Life is embracing you. Beyond any images the world may present, beyond any actions the world may demonstrate, you are within the loving embrace of life.

Practice 157: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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