Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 156

I will not be concerned about myself today.

SELF-CONCERN IS A FORM OF HABITUAL THINKING, born of negative imagination and of errors that have not been corrected. This compounds your sense of failure, thus influencing your lack of self-trust and self-appreciation. Our lesson for today, then, is to fortify that which is genuine within you. If you are with Knowledge, Knowledge will care for all things that require your attention. Think not that anything will be left unattended to that is for your own behalf. All needs of a greater spiritual nature and of the most mundane nature as well will be met and understood by you, for there is no neglect in Knowledge. You who are accustomed to neglect, who have not used your mind properly in the past, who have not been able to see or hear the world, can now be comforted, for you need not have concern for yourself today.

FOR THIS YOU MUST EXTEND YOUR FAITH and your trust that Knowledge will provide for you. This in time will allow you to receive the gift of Knowledge which will dispel all doubt and confusion. You must prepare for this experience. In this, you must extend your faith and trust. Be confident this day. Recognize those things that require your attention, even if they be of a mundane nature, and attend to them well, for Knowledge is not seeking to take you out of the world but to bring you into the world, for you have come here to give.

FORTIFY YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF TODAY’S IDEA by repeating it upon the hour and giving it a moment of true consideration. Fortify your practice today by utilizing it in your deeper practices where you enter stillness and silence. You can only enter stillness and silence if you are without concern for yourself. Thus, your commitment to give yourself to your practice is an affirmation of the safety and the certainty that abide with you.

Practice 156: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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