Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 133


TODAY WE SHALL REVIEW THE PAST WEEK OF PREPARATION. Review this objectively without condemnation, once again realizing your advancements and your limitations and strengthening your resolve. For it is your desire for Knowledge that we wish to cultivate as well as your capacity. It is right thinking, right action and true motivation that will advance you naturally in the direction in which you are meant to go. Each step forward will give you a greater sense of purpose, meaning and direction in life and will free you from attempting to resolve matters that do not require resolution and from attempting to understand things out of fear and anxiety. The more at peace you are with your nature, the more your nature can express the greatness that you have brought with you. Thus, you will become a light unto all around you, and you will marvel at the events of your own life, which in itself will be a miracle.

IN YOUR LONG PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY, undertake your review with depth and sincerity. Do not let anything dissuade you from your practice today. It is your practice that is your gift to God, for you give yourself in your practice, and you receive your gift as well.

Practice 133: One long practice period.

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