Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 106

There are no Masters living in the world.

THERE ARE NO MASTERS LIVING IN THE WORLD, for Mastery is attained beyond the world. There are advanced students. There are students of great accomplishment. But there are no Masters living in the world. Perfection is not found here, only contribution. Whoever remains in the world remains to learn the lessons of the world. The lessons of the world must be learned not only in your individual life, but in a life of contribution as well. Your genuine education far exceeds what you have realized thus far. It is not merely the correction of errors. It is the contribution of gifts.

THERE ARE NO MASTERS LIVING IN THE WORLD. Therefore, you may relieve yourself of the great burden of attempting or requiring Mastery for yourself. You yourself cannot be a Master, for life is the Master. That is the great difference that will make all of the difference for you when you come to understand its true meaning and benefit.

IN YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, think of all the individuals that you have considered to be Masters—individuals you have met, heard of or imagined, individuals in the past and individuals living presently. Think of all the qualities that have made them Masters and how you have used them to judge yourself and to evaluate your life and your behavior. It is not the purpose of advanced students to become the criteria for self-condemnation by those of lesser capabilities. That is not their gift, though they must understand in time that their gifts will be so misconstrued.

ACCEPT YOUR UNBURDENING as we remind you that there are no Masters living in the world. In your two longer practice periods, try to realize this. Try to realize the relief that is being given to you. But do not make the mistake of thinking that this leads to passivity on your part, for greater than ever will be your involvement in the reclamation of Knowledge. Greater than ever will be your commitment to the emergence of Knowledge. Now your involvement and commitment may move forward more rapidly, for they are becoming unburdened by your idealism, which can only lead you astray.

Practice 106: Two 30-minute practice periods.

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