Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 105


IN YOUR REVIEW, FOLLOW THE PAST EXAMPLES and review the week of instructions and the week of practices. Give special consideration today to the ideas that we have presented. Understand that these ideas must be entertained and experienced through many stages of development. Their meaning is too deep and too great to be entirely obvious to you now, yet they will serve as a reminder that Knowledge is with you and that you have come to give Knowledge in the world.

OUR TEACHING WILL THUS SIMPLIFY ALL THINGS, which will resolve the conflicts that you carry now and which will make conflict in the future unnecessary. For to the extent that you are with Knowledge, conflict does not exist. An unconflicted life is the greatest contribution that can be given into the world, for this is a life that will spark the beginning of Knowledge in all, a spark that can carry itself into the future far beyond your individual life. It is this great spark that you are intended to give into the world, for then your giving will have no end and will serve your current generation and the generations to come.

THE BLESSINGS THAT YOU ARE NOW EXPERIENCING TODAY in your world are the result of these reverberations which are passed from generation to generation as Knowledge is kept alive in the world. The opportunity for you to have Knowledge is born of the giving of those who have lived before, as your giving will provide the opportunity for freedom for those who will follow. This is your greater purpose in life: to keep Knowledge alive in the world. But first you must learn of Knowledge—learn how to recognize it, learn how to accept it, learn how to discern it from the other impulses in your mind and learn the many stages of development that will be required in following Knowledge towards its great fulfillment. That is why you are a beginning student of Knowledge.

IN YOUR ONE LONG PRACTICE, undertake your Review in as much detail as possible. Allow confusion and uncertainty to exist, for this is necessary in this stage of investigation. Be happy, then, for all the things that can be truly recognized and know that Knowledge is with you, so you are free to be uncertain.

Practice 105: One long practice period.

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