Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 98


IN YOUR REVIEW ONCE AGAIN REVIEW all of the instructions of the lessons and everything that you have experienced thus far in the past week of practice. Honestly evaluate your engagement with these lessons and recognize what they have yielded for you in terms of understanding. Try to be very fair in your assessment. Remember that you are a student. Do not claim that you have realized more than you have actually experienced.

THE SIMPLICITY OF THIS APPROACH may seem obvious, but for many people it is very difficult to achieve, for they are so used to thinking that they have more than they have or less than they have that it is very difficult for them to assess their actual circumstances even though their circumstances are quite obvious.

IN YOUR ONE LONG PRACTICE PERIOD, then, review your lessons and consider each one in depth, recalling your activity with them on the day that they were given and your understanding of them at this moment. Review each of the six previous steps very carefully and beware of making conclusions that do not represent your true experience. It is better to be uncertain than to have false conclusions.

Practice 98: One long practice period.

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