Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 95

How can I possibly fulfill myself?

HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY FULFILL YOURSELF when you do not know who you are, when you do not know where you have come from or where you are going, when you do not know who has sent you and who will be waiting for you when you return? How can you possibly fulfill yourself alone when you are part of life itself? Can you fulfill yourself apart from life? Only in fantasy and imagination can you possibly even entertain the idea of fulfilling yourself. There is no fulfillment here, only increasing confusion. As the years progress, you will feel a growing darkness within you, as if a great opportunity has been lost. Do not lose this opportunity to realize life as it truly exists and to receive fulfillment as it is truly offered to you.

ONLY IN IMAGINATION CAN YOU FULFILL YOURSELF otherwise, and imagination is not reality. Accepting this may at first seem like a limitation and a disappointment, for you already have designs and motives for your own personal fulfillment, whether they have been experienced or not. Your entire agenda for your fulfillment must now be brought into question, not to deprive you of anything of value, but to release you from a bondage which could only deceive and disappoint you in time. Therefore, accepting the hopelessness of your attempt to fulfill yourself opens you finally to receive the great gift which is available to you and which is awaiting you. This great gift is meant to be given through you into the world in a way that is specific for your happiness and for the happiness of those who will naturally be drawn to you.

HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY FULFILL YOURSELF? Upon the hour today, repeat this question and give it a moment of serious consideration, regardless of your circumstances. As you practice upon the hour, look out into the world and see how people are trying to fulfill themselves, both in situations that now exist and in situations that are hoped for. Understand how much this separates them from life as it truly exists. Understand how this separates them from the mystery of their own existence and the wonder of life that they are free to encounter every moment of every day. Do not allow yourself to be so deprived. Fantasy will always paint a grand picture for you, but it has no foundation in reality. Only those who attempt to fortify each other’s fantasies will attempt relationship with each other for this purpose, and their disappointment will be mutual, for which they will be inclined to blame each other. Do not seek, then, that which can only bring you unhappiness and only destroy the great opportunity for relationship for you.

UPON THE HOUR REPEAT THIS STATEMENT. In your two practice periods, enter stillness and receptivity so that you may learn to receive fulfillment as it truly exists.

Practice 95: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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