Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 91


OUR REVIEW WILL ONCE AGAIN CONCENTRATE upon the instructions and your practices for the past week. Give this time to re-experience what happened each and every day and to see this from your current experience as well. Learn how to learn. Learn about the process of learning. Do not use learning as a form of showmanship. Do not use learning to try to prove your worth to yourself. You cannot prove your worth. It is beyond your efforts to prove it. Your worth will demonstrate itself when you allow it, which you are now learning to do. Practice to practice. Some days will be easier. Some days will be harder. Some days you will want to practice. Other days you may not want to practice. Each day you practice because you are representing a Greater Will. This demonstrates consistency, which is a demonstration of power. This demonstrates a greater dedication. This gives you certainty and stability and allows you to deal compassionately with all things of lesser strength.

YOUR LONG REVIEW TODAY will be an examination of your learning process. Remember not to judge yourself so that you may learn.

Practice 91: One long practice period.

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