Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 84


REVIEW THE PRACTICES AND THE INSTRUCTIONS for the preceding week. Review your progress objectively. Realize how great your learning must be. Your steps now are small, but substantive. Small steps lead you all the way. You are not expected to take great leaps, yet each small step will seem like a great leap, for it will give you so much more than you have ever had before. Allow your external life to become rearranged as your inner life begins to emerge and to shine its light upon you. Maintain your focus and accept change in your outer life, for it is for your benefit. Only if Knowledge is violated will the indication of error be evident to you. This will lead you to effective action. If Knowledge is not offended by the change around you, then you need not be. In time, you will achieve the peace of Knowledge. You will share in its peace, its certainty and its true gifts.

THEREFORE, CONDUCT YOUR REVIEW in one long practice period today. Review with great emphasis and discrimination. Do not allow yourself to miss the recognition of your learning process.

Practice 84: One long practice period.

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