Steps to KnowledgeThe Book of Inner Knowing

Step 79

I will allow uncertainty to exist today.

ALLOWING UNCERTAINTY TO EXIST means there is great faith. This means that another form of certainty is arising. When you allow uncertainty to exist, it means that you are becoming honest, for in truth you are uncertain. In allowing uncertainty to exist, you are becoming patient, for it requires patience to regain your certainty. In allowing uncertainty to exist, you are becoming tolerant. You are stepping back from judgment and becoming a witness of life within you and of life around you. Accept uncertainty today so that you may learn. Without presumption, you will seek Knowledge. Without judgment, you will realize your own true need.

UPON EACH HOUR TODAY, repeat today’s statement and examine what it means. Examine this from your own feelings and examine this in light of what you see in the world around you. Uncertainty exists until you are certain. If you allow this to exist, you can allow God to serve you.

Practice 79: Hourly Practice.

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